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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dovrat, Disengagement and Limor Livnat

Limor Livnat, Minister of Education, claims that she can't resign, even though, in theory at least, she's against Disengagement. Her rationale, or excuse, is that she must implement Dovrat Educational Restructuring. It's the peculiar plan that conceives of schools as factories and teachers as workers.

As a mother, grandmother and teacher I can't find a single educational improvement in it.

Limor was raised by wonderful, idealistic, Zionist patriotic parents, but apparently all of that goodness was obsorbed, doubly, enough for two, by her brother Noam.

She has been so busy worrying about Dovrat that she has forgotten that there are thousands of students and dozens of educational institutions in Gush Katif.

September 1st, the official opening of the Israeli school year, is barely two weeks away. What has the Israeli Ministry of Education planned for the students, teachers and other staff?

Limor has failed completely. She must resign!

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